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Outside Honours
Year  Competition 

S & DBA Yonwin Trophy Winners. Terry Buckland, John Roll, Tony Wood, Steve Shanley, 

Neil Asten, Dave Orriss, Keith Adams, Joe Smith, Mike Coombs, Dave Pease,

Ted Barlow,John Cocoracchio, Bob Chambers, George Hope, Dave Sowdon, Colin Wilkins.


ESL Top 11 Finalists. Neil Asten, Joe Smith, Dave Aburn, Tony Wood, Terry Buckland,

Dave Sowdon,David Goldberg, Steve Shanley, George Hope, Keith Adams,

John Cocoracchio,Peter Pearce, Neil Asten, Bob Chambers, Mike Coombs.


Tony Wood - Surrey Area Singles Finalist

National Pairs Area Finalists - Neil Asten & Partner


ESL Top 10 Finalists

S&D Yonwin Finalists


Walter Cross Trophy Winners: Area 3. Bob Chambers, Robin Castle, John Cocoracchio, Terry Buckland, Steve Shanley, Heith Adams, Dave Aburn, Colin Wilkins, Tony Wood, Ted Barlow.

SCBA Two Wood Singles Winner Steve Shanley

S&DBA Arthur Hughes Triples Winners Robert Wharf, John Cocoracchio, Dave Pease

S&DBA BLESMA Pairs Winners  Colin Wilkins, Steve Shanley

London & Southern Counties Area Finalists - David Goldberg, Graham White


SCBA Area 3 Fours Winners:

Tony Wood, Colin Wilkins, Graham White, David Goldberg

SCBA New Surrey League Top 10 Finalists


SCBA Champion of Champions Winner - Steve Shanley


S&DBA BLESMA Pairs Winners Keith Adams/Steve Shanley

Worthing Open Fours Winners

Terry Buckland/Roger Graves/Keith Adams/Steve Shanley


SCBA Champion of Champions Finalist Steve Shanley

East Surrey League Top 10 Winners

Past Times Trophy – Winners

S&DBA BLESMA Pairs Finalists Tony Wood/Joe Smith

Worthing Open Fours Winners

Terry Buckland/Roger Graves/Keith Adams/Steve Shanley

2009 BE National Over 60’s Singles Zone Finalist Neil Asten


Awarded Life Membership – Alf Medlin/David Miller


SCBA Singles Finalist Steve Shanley

EBA Over 55’s Pairs Regional Finalists Keith Adams/Steve Shanley

S&DBA Paston Cup Winner Keith Adams

S&DBA Yonwin Cup   Finalists

Past Times Trophy Winners


EBA Over 55’s National Pairs Quarter Finalists Neil Asten & Partner

SCBA Champion of Champions Finalist Steve Shanley

Worthing Open Pairs Finalists Steve Shanley/Keith Adams

2004 Tons League Winners

Past Times Trophy Winners

Bournemouth Open Triples Winners Neil Asten & Partners

2001 National Over 55’s Pairs Area Winners John MacDonald/Iain Reid

S&DBA Yonwin Cup   Winners

NSL Top 10 Winners

1999 SCBA Leopard Award H F Harding
1998 Tons League Winners



SCBA Hon. Vice President Lew Stevens

East Surrey League Champions

East Surrey League Top 10 Finalists

S&DBA Arthur Hughes Triples Winners

L Dunn/Ray Watson/John MacDonald

Brighton Open Singles Winner Iain Reid

SCBA County Coach Lew Stevens


SCBA Singles Finalist John Roll

Tons League Winners


Tons League Winners

S&DBA Paston Cup Winner S E Arundell

1992 Tons League Winners
1989 S&DBA BLESMA Pairs Winners J E Gregory/R D Moretti
1988 S&DBA Yonwin Cup Winners
1985 SCBA Triples Winners D Lee/T West/M J Hill
1994 Times Herald Winners
1975/76 SCBA Senior Vice President A J Bell
1973 Tons League Winners
1972 SCBA Pairs Winners W Oldham/J A Duke
1966 SCBA Triples Finalists W Oldham/R I Hill/A D M Webb

SCBA President T Gordon

Littlehampton Open Pairs Winners W A Hayden/R I Hill

1948 SCBA President S F Hayem

SCBA Triples Finalists R J Froome/G F Scruby/S F Hayem

SCBA Fours Finalists M V Ely/S H Pratt/A Williamson/S F Hayem