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 Sutton v SCBA 4th July 2018This was a friendly game played on 4th July 2018 between Sutton Men’s Outdoor Club and Surrey County Bowling Association arranged to commemorate the Men’s Outdoor 90th Anniversary.

The Match was hosted by the Men’s Outdoor Captain – David Goldberg with guest Tony Wills, Sutton Bowling Club Chairman.

Attending from the Surrey County Bowling Association were:-
President – Roger Lanham
Senior Vice President – Peter Marshall
Junior Vice President – Joe Cable
Hon. Match Secretary – Bill Ayling

Also attending were 5 lady guests, one of whom was Past Ladies Captain, June Hope who donated a magnificent 90th Anniversary celebration cake.

At the dinner Peter Rapley reminisced about his experience of playing for SCBA at the Sutton Men’s Outdoor 50th Celebration in 1978 and presented the club with his commemorative badge from that occasion.

The menu was roast beef with all the trimmings followed by fruit salad and ice cream and accompanied by wine.

To mark the occasion, the SCBA players were each given a commemorative bowling cloth and notebook and the SCBA President, Roger Lanham presented Sutton Men’s Outdoor Club with a pennant and slate mat .

Sutton and SCBA won 4 rinks each, but SCBA won the overall match 139 – 134. Individual players and rink results are below:-


  Rink 2   Rink3
 Sutton  SCBA  Sutton  SCBA
 Stuart Calder Colin Popple  Alan Steltner Frank Middleton
 Derek Croft Patrick Buckly Charlie Radley Freddie Clark
 Dave Aburn Martin Harbottle Graham White Brian Cave
Joe Smith  Nigel Chapman Peter Rapley Jim Scott
 21 12 23 21
 Rink 4    Rink 5
David Williams Alan Bradshaw Bob Chambers Colin Clarke
David Goldberg Roger Lanham Jack Nelson John Hannon
Geoff Robinson Andrew Boarer George Hope David Staples
Colin Wilkins Mick Gray John Cocoracchio Peter Marshall
23 12 21 14
Rink 8 Rink 9
Terry Buckland Vic Hemmett Doug Platel Brian Shelland
Karl Bedward Alf Medlin Terry Doyle Terry Foote
Geoff Taylor Colin Homes Terry Hoye Graham Dawber
John Roll David Sowdon Dave Pease Bill Ayling
19 27 9 25
Rink 10 Rink 11
Mike Power Keith Roberts Bob Sparrow Don Davies
Dennis Hunter Steve Sanderson David Yadoo David Miller
George Watson Alan Shearing Peter Pearce Mike Platt
Dennis Sheppard Joe Cable Alan Butler Nigel Whiteman
8 28 11 22