Outdoor Summer Bowling

Image of the veranda to enjoy Sutton Bowling Clubs Summer bowling
Team representatives of sutton bowling club
Image of Sutton Bowlign Clubs veranda watching summer bowling

The outdoor club is very active and we are lucky to have 2 greens which accommodate up to 12 rinks to provide you with the greatest opportunity to play.

In fact, we are privileged to be one of the few clubs in Surrey to have 2 greens allowing more people to bowl simultaneously.

Running from 10.30am through to sunset every day from May to September and we play in all weathers unless the green is deemed ‘unfit for play’.

With a large membership we participating in National and County competitions together with inter club competitions organised by the London and Southern Counties Bowling Association and Sutton and District Bowling Association.

We also participate in the East Surrey League, Sutton & Epsom League, Tons League and the New Surrey Bowls League.

The club offers coaching for newer bowlers and provides a friendly environment to enjoy your bowls at any level.

Friendly matches are played many of which are mixed matches. Internally there are ballots which are played on a turn up and play basis and again some of these are mixed.

There are men’s versus ladies matches on Presidents and Captain’s days and we also run competitions at the club which are open to other clubs.

Mens Bowling

There are Men’s ballots on Tuesday afternoons and Thursday evenings with mixed ballots on Monday and Friday afternoons and Wednesday evenings.

Ladies Bowling

There are Ladies matches on Tuesday and Friday morning and Wednesday and Thursday Afternoons.

Mixed Bowling

There are men’s versus ladies matches on Presidents and Captain’s days and we also run competitions at the club which are open to other clubs.

We run men only, ladies only and mixed bowling with Internal and External Leagues, through to Surrey, County and National competitions.

There is a league system running throughout the Summer outdoor season.
Members belong to teams that play regularly.

  • May to September
  • 2 greens each with 6 rinks
  • Bowling for everyone of all abilities
  • Open from 10.30am until sunset seven days per week
  • Played in all weathers unless the green deemed ‘unfit for play’
  • Fixture list of matches with other clubs
  • Free coaching
  • Beginners only sessions
  • Mixed ability sessions
  • Mixed, men only and ladies only sessions
  • Competitions at club, county and national levels
  • Fun days
View of Summer bowls from veranda at Sutton Bowling Club
Crucial judgement to decide the winner at Sutton Bowling Club
Sit back and enjoy the bowls from many viewig positions at SBC

SBC Outdoor Summer Bowling Programme May 2022 to September 2022


OUTDOOR CLUB FIXTURES 2022   17/03/20222nd edition 
DayDateH/AClub playingTimeR or TLeagueDressFood
Mon11thHLadies Pre Season Meeting7pm    
Tue12thHMens pre Season Meeting7.30pm    
Fri29thHPre Season Get Together7.30pm    
Sat30thHMens Capt. v Vice Capt.2.30pm6RMenGreysMeal
Mon2ndHMixed Drive2.30pm12RMixedGreysNone
Sat7thHShirley Park2.30pm2RESLLWMeal
Sun8thHHorley BC2.30pm3R MenESLGreys 
Sun8thHSurbiton RBL2.30pm3R MenSELGreysT&B
Fri13thHCoffee morning 10-12am    
Sat14thHEpsom BC2.30pm3R MenESLGreys 
Sat14thHRosehill BC2.30pm3R MenSELGreysT&B
Sat14thHSCWBA Johns Trials9.30-2pm6RLoan out  
Thu19thHMalden Manor2.30pm2TCLLWT&B
Sat21stA Malden Manor2.30pm3R MenSELWT&B
Sat21stA Cheam BC2.30pm3R MenESLGreysT&B
Sat21stHSCWBA Johns Trials9.30-2pm6RLoan out  
Sun22ndAGodstone BC2.30pm2RESLLWT&B
Tue24thA Oxshott BC2.30pm3T MIXRDMLGreysT&B
Wed25thHSMBA v S&DBA2.30pm4/SR MIXLoan out Meal
Wed25thHCheam BC2.30pm3T MenNSLGreysT&B
Thu26thHHopton Cup10.30-46RCompW 
Sat28thHEpsom Park2.30pm3R MenSELGreysT&B
Sat28thHAshtead BC2.30pm3R MenESLGreys 
Sun29thHLadies v Gents2.30pm12RFriendlyWMeal
Thu2nd Spring bank holiday     
Fri3rdHJubilee Bank Holiday     
Sat4thA Chipstead BC2.30pm3R MenESLGreys 
Sat4thA Carshalton BC2.30pm3R MenSELWT&B
Sat4thAPurley Bury2.30pm2RESLLWT&B
Sun5thHEmber BC2.30pm3T MIXRDMLGreysT&B
Mon6thH/AEwell Village2.30pm1T H/ATonsGreysT&B
Tue7thHEpsom Court2.30pm2TCLLWT&B
Thu9thABanstead Neville BC2pm2TCLLWT&B
Thu9thACheam Fields2.30pm3T MIXRDMLGreysT&B
Fri10thH/ACroydon BC2.30pm1T H/A MXVillamouraGreysT&B
Sat11thA Ewell Village2.30pm3R MenSELWT&B
Sat11thHOld Coulsdon2.30pm3R MenESLGreys 
Sat11thHHandicap Drawn Pairs R12.30pm8RCompGreys 
Sun12thHSutton Common BC2.30pm3T MIXRDMLGreys 
Mon13thH/ACheam BC2.00pm1T H/ATonsGreysT&B
Mon13thH/ATbc 6.30pm1trpH/ASmiths TrophyGreys 
Tue14thA Wallington BC2.30pm3R MenSELWT&B
Wed15thHLondon Civil Service2.30pm5 MIXLoan out Meal
Wed15thA Cheam Fields2.30pm3T MenNSLGreysT&B
Thu16thHSMBA v BUCKS MBA2.30pm5RLoan out Meal
Thu16thA Imber Court BC2.30pm3T MIXRDMLGreysT&B
Sat18thHSupreme BC2.30pm2TCLLWT&B
Sat18thAPurley Bury BC2.00pm3R MenESLGreysCh&B
Sat18thHSussex v Oxford (Johns)Tba6RLoan out TG  
Mon20thH/ASutton Common BC2.30pm1T H/ATonsGreysT&B
Tue21stACroydon MO’s2.30pm3TFriendlyWTea&C
Wed22ndHSMBA Arthur Gregory Trophy10am-4p4/5RLoan out Meal
Wed22ndA Supreme BC2.30pm3T MenNSLGreysT&B
Thu23rdHReigate Priory BC2.30pm3TFriendlyWTea&C
Sat25thAWallington BC2.30pm2RESLLGreysMeal
Sat25thAWallington BC2.30pm3R MenESLGreysMeal
Sat25thHEpsom Court BC2.30pm3R MenSELGreysT&B
Sun26thHCheam BC2.30pm3T MIXRDMLGreysT&B
Mon27thH/ATbc 6.30pm1trpH/ASmiths TrophyGreys 
Mon27thH/ARosehill BC2.30pm1T H/ATonsGreysT&B
Wed29thHChessington BC2.30pm3T MIXRDMLGreysT&B
Thu30thHCarshalton BC2.30pm3TFriendlyWTea&C
Fri1stH/ACheam BC2.30pm1T H/A MXVillamouraGreysT&B
Sat2ndA Cuddington BC2.00pm3R MenSELWT&B
Sat2ndAHorley2.30pm2RESLL WT&B
Sun3rdA Epsom Park BC2.30pm3R MenSELWT&B
Mon4thH/ACuddington BC2.30pm1T H/ATonsGreysT&B
Mon4thH/ATbc 6.30pm1trpH/ASmiths TrophyGreys 
Wed6thHBookham Ladies2.30pm3TFriendlyWTea&C
Wed6thHAuriol BC2.30pm3T MIXRDMLGreysT&B
Thu7thHAuriol BC2.30pm3R MenSELGreysT&B
Sat9thHMens Triples Day10-1.30pm6T   
Sun10thAHorley BC2.30pm3R MenESLGreys 
Mon11thH/AAuriol BC2.30pm1T H/ATonsGreysT&B
Mon11thH/ATbc 6.30pm1trpH/ASmiths TrophyGreys 
Tue12thHLondon Civil Service2.30pm4R MIXFriendlyWMeal
Tue12thH/AChipstead BC6pm1T H/A MXVillamouraGreysT&B
Wed13thA Dorking BC2.30pm3T MenNSLGreysT&B
Wed13thH/AEpsom BC2.30pm1T H/A MXVillamouraGreysT&B
Thu14thHCheam Fields 2.30pm2TCLLWT&B
Sat16thAEpsom2.30pm2RESLL WT&B
Sat16thHSCWBA Semi Finals9.30-1pm6RLoan out  
Sat16thHSCWBA Semi FinalsAll Day6RLoan out  
Sat16thAEpsom BC2.30pm3R MenESLGreys 
Sat16thHBanstead Neville BC2.30pm3R MenSELGreysT&B
Mon18thHCarshalton BC2.30pm3T MIXRDMLGreysT&B
Mon18thHSCWBA Semi Final5.30pm3RLoan out  
Mon18thH/ATbc 6.30pm1trpH/ASmiths TrophyGreys 
Tue19thHWallington BC2.30pm3R MenSELGreysT&B
Wed20thAHook & Southboro BC2.30pm3T MIXRDMLGreysT&B
Wed20thA Southey BC2.30pm3T MenNSLGreysT&B
Sat23rdHLadies Drawn Triples10am6RCompGreys 
Sat23rdHCuddington BC2.30pm3R MenSELGreysT&B
Sat23rdHCheam BC2.30pm3R MenESLGreysMeal
Sun24thACheam Ladies2.30pm2TCLLWT&B
Sun24thHMens Captains Day2.30pm6R MEN  Meal
Mon25thH/ATbc 6.30pm1trpH/ASmiths TrophyGreys 
Mon25thH/APurley BC2.30pm1T H/A MXVillamouraGreysT&B
Mon25thH/ACheam Fields2.30pm1T H/ATonsGreysT&B
Tue26thHLady Captain Invitation Day2.30pm6R WMeal
Wed27thHBanks BA2.30pm6R MIXFriendlyGreysMeal
Thu28thAMerton Park2.30pm2TCLLWT&B
Thu28thHSMBA v Insurance BA2.30pm Loan out Meal
Fri29thH/AWallington BC2.30pm1T H/A MXVillamouraGreysT&B
Sat30thACheam Fields2.30pm2RESLL WT&B
Sat30thAAshtead BC2.00pm3R MenESLGreysCh&B
Sat30thHEwell Village BC2.30pm3R MenSELGreysT&B
Sun31stHClub President Day2.30pm12RMixedWMeal
Mon1stH/ATbc 6.30pm1trpH/ASmiths TrophyGreys 
Mon1stH/ACarshalton BC2.30pm1T H/ATonsGreysT&B
Tue2ndAEwell Village BC2.30pm3T MIXRDMLGreysT&B
Wed3rdAMerton Park BC2.30pm4R MIXFriendlyGreys 
Thu4thAEpsom Court BC2.30pm3R MenSELWT&B
Sat6thHChipstead BC2.30pm3R MenESLGreys 
Sat6thHSutton Mixed OpenAll Day    
Sun7thHEpsom Court BC2.30pm3T MIXRDMLGreysT&B
Mon8thH/APurley BC2.30pm1T H/ATonsGreysT&B
Wed10thARosehill BC2.30pm3R MenSELWT&B
Wed10thHSMBA v Berks BA2.30pm4/5 RLoan out Meal
Sat13thAOld Coulsdon BC2.30pm3R MenESLGreys 
Sat13thA Old Coulsdon BC2.30pm2RESLL Greys 
Sat13thHCarshalton BC2.30pm3R MenSELGreysT&B
Sun14thA Chipstead2.30pm2RESLL WT&B
Mon15thH/ACarshalton BC2.30pm1T H/A MXVillamouraGreysT&B
Mon15thH/AWallington BC2.30pm1T H/ATonsGreysT&B
Wed17thHChessington BC2.30pm2TCLLWT&B
Wed17thA South London BC2.30pm3T MenNSLGreysT&B
Wed17thHNew Malden Lime Grove2.30pm3T MIXRDMLGreysT&B
Sat20thHLady Captain v Vice Captain2.30pm6RFriendlyWMeal
Sat20thHPurley Bury BC2.30pm3R MenESLGreys 
Sun21stHMalden Manor BC2.30pm3R MenSELGreysT&B
Mon22ndH/AEpsom Park BC2.30pm1T H/A MXVillamouraGreysT&B
Mon22ndH/ABanstead Neville BC2.30pm1T H/ATonsGreysT&B
Tue23rdHSMBA2.30pm5 MIXFriendlyGreysMeal
Tue23rdA Auriol2.30pm2TCLLWT&B
Wed24thHLondon Civil Service v Queensmead2.30pm6 T MIXLoan out Meal
Fri26thH/AWarlingham Park2.30pm1T H/A MXVillamouraGreysT&B
Sat27thHSmiths Trophy Final10.00am6RCompRFood
Sat27thHSmiths Trophy Final2.00pm6RCompWFood
Sat27thHWallington BC2.30pm3R MenESLGreys 
Sat27thAAuriol Park BC2.30pm3R MenSELWT&B
Sun28thHJubilee Two Woods TriplesAll Day6RCompW 
Mon29thHGala Day TBA    
Tue30thHLadies Day2.30pm9RInviteWMeal
Wed31stHSMBA Peet Trophy10-4pm4/5 MIXLoan out Meal
Thu1stHBanks Ladies v Gents2.30pm6R MIXLoan out Meal
Sat3rdHLadies v Gents10am12R WLunch
Sun4thASurbiton RBL2.30pm3R MenSELW 
Wed7thHSMBA10-4pm4RLoan out Meal
Thu8thARosehill BC2.30pm2TFriendlyWT&B
Thu8thABanstead Neville BC2.30pm3R MenSELWT&B
Sat10thHClub Finals10am12R W 
Sun11thHClub Finals10am12R W 
Mon12thH/AEwell Village BC2.30pm1T H/A MXVillamouraGreysT&B
Thu15thH/ARosehill BC2.00pm1T H/A MXVillamouraGreysT&B
Mon19thHVillamoura Presentation Day2.00pm6R MIXVillamouraGreysFood
Tue20thHCheam Ladies2.30pm3RFriendlyWT&B
Wed21stHSMBA President2.30pm5/6 MIXLoan out Meal
Sun25thHGuinness DayAll Day Loan out Food
Wed28thHClub AGM7.00pm    
Sat1stHLadies AGM10am    



Day Time Title Organisers
Monday 2.30pm Mixed Ballot Denise Tarling
Robin Shopland
Tuesday 2.30pm Men’s Ballot Paul Grant
Wednesday 6pm Mixed Open Play Self Organised
Thursday 6pm Men’s Triples Ted Mulcaster
Roy Jones
Friday 2.30pm Mixed Ballot Rob Gale
Tony Rapley
Kevin GawneChairman – Licensee, Maintenance, Greens, Grounds
John HannonFinance, Administration
Sheila RapleyCompany Secretary
TBCHealth & Safety
Dennis SheppardPublicity, Promotion, Web Site
TBCBar, Catering & Room Hire
Margaret SmithMembership


PRESIDENTPearl MacDonald


Ladies Outdoor Committee  
Janice Sharp Captain
Teresa Orris Vice Captain
Penny Coombs Junior Vice Captain
Gill Gawne Secretary
Frances Platel Match Secretary
Penny Coombs Competitions Secretary
Janet Hutchison Committee
Denise Tarling Committee
Doreen Millburn Committee
Liz Bowmer Committee
Men’s Outdoor Committee 
Robin Castle Captain
Rob Gale Vice Captain
Vacant Junior Vice Captain
Bob Sparrow Secretary
Mike Colvin Match Secretary
Graham White Competitions Secretary
Bob Sparrow Immediate Past Captain
John Cocorrachio Committee
David Goldberg Committee
Steve Shanley Committee