Winter Indoor Winners 2021-22

Ladies and Men’s winners for the the winter indoor bowling season

Men's Competition Results 2021-22

Singles Championship

David Goldberg

Winner of Mens Singles Championship

Joe Smith

Finalist Mens Singles Championship

Mens Open Pairs

Keith Adams and Tony Doyle

Winners of Mens open Pairs

Rob Wharf and Colin Wilkins

Finalist of Mens open Pairs

Mens Open Triples

Rob Wharf, Steve Shanley and John Graham

Winners of Mens Open Triples

Rob Wharf and Colin Wilkins

Finalist of Mens Open Triples

Mens Drawn Pairs

Duncan McElduff and Tony Doyle

Winners of Mens Drawn Pairs

Peter Hedges and Robin Castle

Finalist of Mens Drawn Pairs

Bob Sparrow Shield

Rob Gale

Winner of Bob Sparrow Shield

Paul Mahoney

Finalist of Bob Sparrow

Championship Plate

Steve Shanley

Winner of Championship Plate

Paul Mahoney

Finalist of Championship Plate

Ladies Competition Results 2021-22

Ladies Championship

Di Double

Winner of Ladies Championship

Carol McGrail

Finalist of Ladies Championship

Nora Bell

Ursula Wharf

Winner of Nora Bell

Terri Turvey

Finalist of Nora Bell

Ladies Open Pairs

Jenny Bunkall and Julia Cheeseman

Winners of Ladies Open Pairs

Rita Fraser and Di Hannon

Finalists of Ladies Open Pairs

Ladies Drawn Pairs

Christine Sheehan and Pat Bourne

Winners of Ladies Drawn Pairs

Penny Coombs and Hilda Balmer

Finalists of Ladies Drawn Pairs

Ladies Triples

Carol McGrail , Di Double and Pat Bourne

Winners of Ladies Triples

Sharmista Patel , Maureen Vandrau and Margaret Smith

Finalists of Ladies Triples

Ladies Drawn Fours

Sue Cross, Veena Parmar, Liz Bowmer and Sheila Rapley

Winners of Ladies Drawn Fours

Terri Turvey, Maggie Newbury, Sandra Greaves and val Robinson

Finalists of Ladies Drawn Fours

Mixed Competition Results 2021-22

Charity Mixed Triples

David Hussey, Gill Bonnell and Tony Doyle

Winners of Charity Mixed Triples

Pauline Shanley, Graham White and Colin Wilkins

Finalists of Charity Mixed Triples

Heather Trevor

Fran Lloyd

Winner of Heather Trevor

Dave Martin

Finalist of Heather Trevor